Give Your Vehicle the Best

At Stealth Seat Covers we don't only manufacture vehicle seat covers from an innovative material, we also proudly support our high-quality product with excellent customer service and efficient distribution.

Modern trends in vehicle design and manufacturing frequently deliver interiors composed of soft fabrics and luxury finishes that are not hard wearing. As your vehicle’s seats are constantly being put to the test, it is imperative to protect these plush interiors from everyday contact with dirt and grime, hence the popularity of protective car seat covers.

Stealth Seat Covers use a special 100% synthetic, high-performance fabric that was originally developed for military applications where strength, durability and waterproofing were essential features. Over time these properties were refined, enhanced and repurposed: now the fabric is extremely well suited to our seat covers and has been successfully used as such, unaltered, for more than a decade.

The range of vehicles for which Stealth Seat Covers are available is not confined. We provide seat covers for a wide variety of vehicles from luxury sedans, vans and 4x4 bakkies through to earthmoving equipment, trucks and more. Simply send us an email with the details of your vehicle to check if it’s in our pattern range, and if not, that’s no problem at all - there are ways we are still able to help.

With a firmly established footprint and excellent reputation, Stealth Seat Covers are distributed internationally and supplied as accessories by many vehicle manufacturers and dealerships worldwide.

Be sure to order your new set of custom Stealth Seat Covers today.


  • Major Colours: Black, Charcoal (Grey) and Beige or we can two tone (mix) the colours as well.
  • Superior strength and durability: Made from 100% synthetic fabric that was originally developed for military applications. You can be sure your seat covers will be robust.
  • Great fit: We don't use a 'one size fit all' pattern. Our seat covers are custom manufactured according to the exact make, model and year of your vehicle to fit perfectly. Our custom covers won't slip or slide, stretch out of shape or become baggy.
  • Modern: Our seat covers are made to compliment the interior of any vehicle and take your style preferences into account.
  • Abrasion resistant: Protect the upholstery of your vehicle’s original seats from scuff marks. Let your Stealth Seat Covers absorb the wear as they are chafe resistant.
  • Waterproof: That's right; our seat covers are not simply water resistant - their non-absorbent properties won't let fluids seep through.
  • Comfortable: The Stealth Seat Cover range is made to be comfortable, smooth and soft to sit on ensuring a pleasant journey on-road or off-road.
  • Breathe: Our synthetic material does just that — it breathes and expedites moisture wicking, keeping your seat covers hygienic and making you feel cooler and less fatigued.
  • Stain resistant: Being made from nylon, the fabric is essentially resistant to staining.
  • Airbag compatible: Your safety is high priority; therefore, we have developed a seat cover airbag release pocket from which the seat side airbag can deploy. Our designs are also fully compatible with built-in seatbelt holders.
  • Tough as nails: The fabric is soft but tough and durable. Using fabric that had a military application means your set of Stealth Seat Covers are heavy duty and virtually tearproof. Plus, it's UV-treated, making it fade resistant.
  • Adding value: Fitting seat covers to your vehicle when new, will help protect your seats’ upholstery which may increase the resale value.
  • Protect your leather: If you want to protect your vehicle’s leather seats, then look no further. Our seat covers are soft on leather, making sure your leather upholstery will not get scuff marks, stains or rips.
  • Easy to clean: Due to the non-absorbent nature of the material, it's easy to keep your Stealth Seat Covers clean. If they become dirty, a good wipe with a damp cloth is usually enough. For heavier cleaning, pop the covers in the washing machine then hang them outside for a short while as they are quick drying and shrink resistant.