Fitting Your Stealth Seat Covers

There are no tools or fuss involved when it comes to installing your custom seat covers just a bit of elbow grease.

Each multipiece design seat cover is manufactured specifically for your vehicle, with new styles added regularly. These are not universal 'one size fits all' seat covers.

  • Open the wrapping, remove the covers and dispose of the plastic safely.
  • Lay the covers out on a clean, flat surface.
  • Identify the front and back seat covers.
  • For each set, identify the backrest covers and the covers for the bottom part of the seat: Backrest covers have either rings or holes at the top and zips at the back, while bottom seat pieces are elasticised around the edges.
  • Identify the headrest covers.
  • If you have airbags at the sides of your seats, identify the front seat backrests.
    a) Identify the seam with the air bag pouch on the side and make sure to place the airbag pouch of the cover on the airbag seam of the seat. It is visible on the outer sides of the front backrests.
  • Fit backrest covers over the top of the seats, ensuring that any extra holes on the sides are in the correct position. Close the zip at the back of the seat. Push the bottom of the cover through the opening between the backrest and bottom part of the seat. Attach the elastic and press studs or Velcro to close with the back panel. If there is no opening between the backrest and the bottom of the seat cover, push the fabric roll into this gap.
  • In the case of an armrest on the back seat, fit the backrest cover first, and then the armrest cover. Push loose flaps through the opening behind the armrest and close them using the pre-stitched Velcro.
  • For the back seat, fit the bottom seat pieces over the seat section with the long elastic parts at the back. Push the elastic through the opening between the bottom part of the seat and the backrest, and then clip the press studs onto the front elasticised section. Elastics on the side pieces must be joined at the back of the seat.
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